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For the problem of hydraulic products are faulty, we provide two cases: repair and replacement.


LKC mainly engaged in the design, sales and services of the hydraulic system of engineering machinery, mining machinery, coal mine machinery.  We have two logos,LKC and Crystal.The products can apply to international and national influential engineering machine and mining machine. To satisfy parts demands of international brand, we would like be your  best parts provider. 


Overhaul factory receives a lot of customers that their hydraulic products are faulty. When find the damage after dismantle,repair and replacement is needed.


For the problem of hydraulic products are faulty, we provide two cases: repair and replacement. Because of high expense of repair, seriously damage accessories generally need replace. The cost may be higher, but the quality is well ensured.

OUR PROMISE                                                                               

We are committed to three packs service of six months, that the similar brand almost is 3 months. Our encouragement is due to the excellent product quality. Only less 1% products need return within our promise. Approbation and support of customer is our power of development. We have superior technical superiority, and we have strong combination of manufacturers. We can provide all-round service. Our salesman is also after-sales service personnel, within all 24 hours one day, they provide technical support, diagnosis and removement of trouble. If the trouble is caused by the product itself or is difficult to solve, we will replace the trouble product with new machine, not prevarication. 

     The company has independent import and export rights,and has been the sales agent of many international first-line brandproduct.It owns six proprietary sales companies and three overseas offices(India, Vietnam andThailand).  It has been covering the entire southeast Asia area and has been the most important service provider of after-sales marketandOEMmarket in Asia&aroundtheword.

Promise and service

1.LKC all products through the most stringent quality control, which is unique in the industry.
2.the various problems encountered during use of the products during  can be consulted.
3.National network of collaborative services, technical experts guidance.

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 Qingdao LKC Hydraulic Co. ,Ltd , founded in Qingdao national high-tech industrial development zone in 2006, is mainly engaged in R&D, manufacture, sales and service of hydraulic system of  construction machinery ,mining machinery and pilling machinery. The company has independent import and export rights, and has been the sales agent of many international first-line brand product,.It owns six proprietary sales companies and three overseas offices(India, Vietnam and Thailand).It has been covering the entire southeast Asia area and has been the most important service provider of after-sales market in Asia.